The End is Near

For those who are unaware, the time of the Afterthoughts is almost over. I have been wooed by a temptress to the fair weather of Queensland, and alas; my merry minstrels (sorry boys, realise that sounds a little gay, but you are in pastel shirts) are staying in Melbourne to live out their own fairytale lives.

So it’s not the end for me, just this particular chapter. The Afterthoughts name will be retired, but I think I’ll keep the Dion Read bit. And for those in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, get used to the idea of me tramping on your turf.

But we will go out in style! We have one last show together that will farewell me from Melbourne, but more importantly celebrate the contribution that Kyle and James have made to my music and my life. The details are:

Saturday Nov 21 @ Fad Bar & Gallery, 14 Corrs La Melbourne (Chinatown). 8pm. Completely Free and definitely fancy free.

There will be plenty of giveaways and good times, interstate visitors, a special support slot from Yeo, and a manically happy/sad dude in a white shirt and tie.


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